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PAMABE Breathable 3D Crib Mattress -70x130x5cm-Elephant
PAMABE Breathable 3D Crib Mattress -70x130x5cm-Elephant
PAMABE Breathable 3D Crib Mattress -70x130x5cm-Elephant

Recommended By Taiwan Physical Therapists

5 Premium Quality plus design of PAMABE Mattress

Q1+ Breathable
Q2+ Supportive and Durable
Q3+ Lightweight and Washable
Q4+ Certified by Oeko Tex Class 1
Q5+ Eco-friendly

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市價:$6,880 元

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Brand Story

PAMABE is a brand designed to have a safer and

bettersleep environment for babies and families.


We want parents to have peace of mind and enjoy

their everydayparenting time even

when the babies begin to roll over.



Compliance with International Safety Standards






PAMABE 『Total Contact 』 Mattress

What is “Total Contact” mattress? 

The mattress can help to distribute your body weight evenly.
The pressure on your back is minimized
and muscles are relaxed.
Total contact mattress is good for families
• Babies:supportive to help spine development. 
• Teenagers and adults : Get away from back pain,and
supportive to have a good body posture. 
• Elders : Bad bed could lead to sore muscles
and security concerns.




Physical Therapists recommended


PAMABE’s excellent design

and performance help it to gain the recommendations

from more than 10 physical therapists.


It is good for your baby’s health,

safety, and body development.





5 Premium Quality+ design


Quality+ 1 : Breathable

Quality+ 2 : Supportive and Durable

Quality+ 3 : Washable

Quality+ 4 : Safe and Comfortable

Quality+ 5 : Eco-friendly






Premium Quality 1: Breathable 

•Safer Sleep Environment  • Ventilated


The inner mattress is full of holes to allow air to flow freely,

and lower heat retention to help prevent sweaty backs

and improve sleep quality.

The breathability is certified by TUV Rheinland.

The breathable mattress also delivers firm surface to provide

a safer sleeping environment for babies.







Premium Quality 2: Supportive,durable

•Distribute body weight evenly •Durable


The highly durable and supportive Pamabe system cradles

the body’s curves while being firm enough to

support the back’s muscularand bony structures.

With superior conformity,

body weight and pressure is distributed evenly

for a deeper and healthier sleep.






Premium Quality 3: Washable


The inner mattress can be washed when a deep clean

is necessary.Simply remove the cover

by unzipping the 270-degree-zipper.

And place the mattress in a bath of cool water to

soak.Once you take it out,

the airflow will help it to dry

quickly throughout.







The ultralight design (less than 3kg) helps

you to clean it anywhere.Because it is washable,

it is naturally anti-dust mites and resists mold,

allergens, and bacteria.




What is Oeko-Tex class 1?


It is the safest fabric certification in the world.

The are four classes certified by Oeko-Tex.

Class 1: safe for 0 to 3 year old baby

Class 2: safe for inner wearing

Class 3: safe for outside wearing

Class 4: safe for indoor decoration




Premium Quality 4:

Safe and comfortable


100% OEKO-TEX certified and tested free of harmful

substances.Pamabe is safe to use

for babies under age 3.




Ultra soft comfortable cover

Stop zipper from catching the fabric:


We sew another line inside the lining to preventing

the zippergetting stuck and make

sure you enjoythe smooth upzipping experience.





YKK Zipper


The safe design of concealed zipper slider prevents

dangeror damage caused by biting or playing.








Premium Quality5: Eco-Friendly


The premium food grade mattress is

odorless with no formaldehyde.

It is recyclable and ecofriendly for Mother earth.




The 5cm mattress which provides

personalized support can improveyour

current mattresswith creating no extra waste.






We know how much worries that parents

would have eversince the baby was born.

Our goal is to help every parent can

have a peach of mind and

enjoy their sleep at night.


PAMABE is a brand designed by a father.

We know how muchworries that parents would

have ever since the baby was born.


We want to develop a safe and

practical product forbabies and families. 


We want every parent to

have peace of mindat every nursing day.

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